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    Due to the situation caused by COVID 19, the face-to-face exhibition is canceled and becomes ONLINE on December 1 and 2.


    Flexicel will again be at the RAIL LIVE 2020 exhibition.
    FLEXICEL also presents new suitable materials to solve vibration problems of the Kraiburg Company such as Vibrafoam and Vibradyn. Furthermore, FLEXICEL, as the official distributor of the well-known brand DIRAK: the technology leader for industrial enclosure products, will present our new products and solutions to the market. Rail Live! is an international conference and exhibition presenting the latest solutions and technology in the railway industry. To attend the global conference that features 300 world rail leaders, there is a registration fee (discounted for operators). The technology exhibition is free to visit.

    Madrid | 30 November - 1 December 2020
    Hall 14 of IFEMA
    Stand nº 67 of RAILGRUP



    Over the last months, the world has seen the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus spread fast. The well-being of our employees, their families and the community is our main priority. At Flexicel we are taken the necessary measures to safeguard our people`s health and safety while we continue our business activities and supporting our suppliers and customers. We are constantly monitoring the situation and will continue to communicate to all suppliers and customers if any change in operations might occur. For questions regarding this matter please contact your regular contact person at Flexicel.
    Take care of each other!


    Francisco Pérez
    -Operations Director-

    IPCOM enters the Iberian market and acquires a majority share in Flexicel Industrial SL and Flexicel Portugal Unipessoal-Lda

    • Strengthening of our market position in Acoustic and Thermal insulation

    • Expansion our geographical scope into Spain and Portugal, plus many export markets

    Melle, March 6th ,2020 IPCOM Group today announces its agreement to acquire a majority share in both Flexicel Industrial SL and Flexicel Portugal Unipessoal-Lda, an Iberian Peninsula market leader in the conversion of technical foams.

    Flexicel, a company with an established track record of 28 years, has two manufacturing centers based in Spain and Portugal. Flexicel has a wide range of knowledge and technology in conversion of foamed plastic, rubber, textile products and self-adhesive materials. The company offers her customers a wide variety of acoustic, thermal and waterproof solutions tailor-made for all projects and sectors. Today, the company has a turnover of approximately 17 million euros and employs around 100 people.

    José-Luis Gonzalez, founder and Managing Director of Flexicel, said: “Flexicel offers a broad range of materials and designs. This enables us to offer our customers an excellent product that adapts to the function and productivity they require. Our tailor-made solutions and overall approach have helped us to become the Iberian Peninsula market leader in conversion of technical insulation. We are now looking forward to joining the IPCOM team.  This opportunity will give us a fantastic platform from which to grow further and allows us to add our extensive expertise to a European group which, like us, has innovative insulation solutions at its heart.”

    Remco Boerefijn, CEO IPCOM Group said: “I am delighted that Flexicel is joining the IPCOM Group. This acquisition strengthens IPCOM's position in the rising demand for custom made solutions for acoustic and thermal insulation. The expansion into the Southern European market and export facilities is a key development in our international expansion, and an important element of our overall growth strategy. We are also very pleased that José-Luis Gonzalez will remain a minority shareholder and that he and the other senior managers will remain fully involved going forward.”


    About IPCOM: IPCOM, headquartered in Belgium, is an ambitious and fast-growing European group of companies, specialized in the distribution and conversion of innovative solutions for thermal insulation, high temperature insulation, passive fire protection and acoustic insulation. IPCOM’s customers are installers, international contractors, wholesalers and OEM’s in a wide range of industries and markets. IPCOM employs over 850 people and delivers its solutions through a network of over 50 outlets across 13 countries in Europe.

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    Flexicel is part of Mas Inn Habitat, a consortium of companies with a common goal: to provide solutions in a comprehensive and sustainable way to the contract, retail and residential channels.

    In Mas Inn Habitat currently has manufacturing and service companies aimed at professionals in the world of architecture and design. The synergies between them, which include architects, interior designers and designers, as well as construction and equipment companies, allow Mas Inn Habitat to operate on a 360-degree stage, always with a commitment, quality and cost control aimed at achieving Full customer satisfaction.

    Next to Flexicel, there are leading companies in their sectors such as: Art Horeca, Azulejos Carceller, Cerlat, Ecus, Kobert-in, Omio Lighting, Poalgi, She, Tecnisteel, Topciment, Vergés, Vidreglass and Voolcan

    Flexicel within the Mas Inn Habitat consortium, develops acoustic, thermal, and waterproof solutions tailored for all projects, of floors, walls and ceilings, both indoors and outdoors.

    Flexicel has reached an agreement with Kraiburg Purasys, for the prescription, distribution and transformation of its Vibrafoam and Vibradyn products in the Iberian Peninsula market.

    Kraiburg Purasys either alone or in combination with other materials: elastomeric polyurethane is a fascinatingly versatile material, with its current workforce of 110 employees, it is a strong partner for a wide range of sectors and industries.automotive industry, rehabilitation, health and leisure sectors, furniture production, power tools and mechanical engineering, construction industry, railway companies.

    Flexicel, develops acoustic, thermal, and waterproof solutions customized for all projects and sectors. We innovate and always create to improve some sectors where we usually think that everything has already been created.


    Together, we will develop the peninsular market in all sectors where required

    Flexicel collaborates with the students from the University of the Balearic Islands during the exhibition ‘Science for everyone 2016’. Several demonstrations have been made showing the excellent properties of the aerogel blanket ‘Spaceloft’.

    Flexicel Portugal expands its facilities once again in 'Rua Pereiras de Marvilha', with the procurement of a new building of 750 m2 located in front of the existing. It will be designed to store raw materials and will allow us to incorporate new equipment to our production lines during the first half of 2016 . With this increase in floor space, the Portuguese plant of our Group will have more than 3,500 m2. They will guarantee the viability of the growth forecast for the coming years.

    Flexicel Portugal has been proposed to obtain ISO-TS 16949:2009 Certification during the Audit carried out on February 6th, 7th and 8th. According to the usual process, TÜV-Rheinland certifying entity, will issue the appropriate certificate in due course.
    This way, Grupo Flexicel, from its factory in Portugal, takes one more step towards implementing and developing of best continuous improvement practices and increases its presence in automotive sector.

    Grupo Flexicel has reached a commercial agreement with SO.PR.AD srl -an important Italian self adhesive films manufacturer- to sell its products in the Iberian Peninsula. These films can be applied by the manufacturer of no-covered and pre-covered metal,  plastic, glass, wood, carpet and marble.  Thanks to this incorporation, our Group will provide even more diversified range of services to satisfy customer’s demanding  in Spain and Portugal, specially in: Construction, Electrical Appliances, Furniture, Automotive and Electronics Industry.

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    The sound insulation of Portuguese Radio and Television studios is a fruit of cooperation between Flexicel Portugal & Viscoustic. The applied material is Basotect® UF, the most flexible BASF’s melamine resin foam. In addition to its soundproof qualities provides a high level of fire resistance  indispensable in places with a large quantity of electrical, electronic and lighting material, constant changes in technical installations and continuous staff rotation.

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    BASF foam provides optimal speech intelligibility for television recordings [EN]

    ® Registered trademark of BASF SE

    The gas is normally transported from the storage sites to consumers through pipelines, but if the gas has to be stored and  transported over longer routes, it is often more economical and easier to liquefy the gas and transport it by ship, in steel tanks at the temperature of (- 162º C). Basotect® has been applied for the first time to insulate these recipients making use of its low-temperature stability and its flame retardant capacity.

    ® Registered trademark of BASF SE

    ACUSTIAIR A30 AIG 0/30 is classified as EUROCLASE 'Cs2d0' according to the regulation EN 13501-1:2007 for Construction Sector.

    On the other hand,  the range IMPACTO CEL and ACUSTIAIRhave passed the Glow Wire Test according to the UNE-EN 60695-2-11:2001 (for 550º C temperature) elaborated for electrical appliances and electronic components sector.

    One of the novelties at Construmat 2011 is the incorporation to the range of  the melamine resin foam Basotect® of a new grade offering improved ecological properties.The new grade is called Basotect G+. With its extremely low emissions it meets the current human ecology requirements of the Öko-Tex® Standard 100 in product class II for textiles with direct skin contact. The foam, which is used for sound absorption in buildings, is therefore classed as harmless to health in application and processing.

    In addition to the proven properties of Basotect G, the new material also has advantages for interior decorators and designers. The light reflectance value of the considerably lighter Basotect G+ is more than 30 percent higher than that of the light Gray Basotect G. This makes it easier for example to plan interior decoration and lighting because the foam hardly absorbs any light and reflects it very well.

    ® Registered trademark of BASF SE

    The acoustic fire retardant foam, PUR ETER E25 FR, thanks to the imagination and creativity of Santos Bregaña, designer from Estudio de Arquitectura y Diseño LAIAWEB, has been converted into rocks and breakwaters, recreating in this way the environment that surrounds the NI NEU Restaurant (Grupo IXO), situated in Kursaal in San Sebastian. Numerous foam cubes are hanging from ceiling obtaining an attractive design, warm and friendly room with acoustic comfort, free of reverberations. We invite you to visit this magic place through J. Luis López de Zubiría’s photographs, however there is nothing better than personal visit and opportunity of tasting the famous Basque gastronomy…

    GRUPO FLEXICEL has been designated by BASF as an authorized distributor of  BASOTECT® (Melamine Resin Foam) in Portugal. Basotect characteristic feature is its three-dimensional network structure consisting of slender and thus easily shaped webs.It is a low density material with high sound absorption capacity, good thermal insulation properties, flame resistant and constant physical properties over a wide temperature range.

    ® Registered trademark of BASF SE

    The last July we lauched a new high durability product: IMPACTO CEL® A30. Its main characteristics are: its acoustic insulation performance against impact noise which enables a sound absorption up to 21 dB in 10 mm and 28 db in 30 mm thickness. Besides, it is a low  compression creep and water and humidity tight material.

    Available in rolls for 10 and 20 mm thickness and in sheets for 30, 40, 50 mm thickness.

    Duct Insulation


    We have developed a perfect air conditioning duct insulation, mixing together different materials : POL NA 30 FR TC + D036 + AL12 GFS. Rubber based adhesive + aluminium with fiberglass mesh is applied over closed cell Polyethylene Foam. This excellent thermal insulation is classified as 'B s2 d0' according to European Fire Safety Standard EN 13501-1 and has sanitary permit for its resistance to microorganisms such as Legionella or Staphylococcus aureus.

    POL NA 30 FR

    Sanitary Report [ES]