Grupo Flexicel



Geopannel Plus FR2 NW

 Thermobonded Felt:Cotton Fibres, Thermosetting Resin and Fireproof Nonwoven, 50 kg/m3 standard density

  • Applications of material Applications
  • Aired- Facade Soundproofing, Partition Wall and Suspended Ceillings
  • Material on coils, rolls and pieces with several functionality
    • CélulaAbierta
    • Clasif.FuegoM1
    • Rango Temperat.-40º/ 200º
  • Presentaciones
    • 10-12-16-20 mmRollos Ancho=1000 mm.
    • 26-30-40-45-50 mm.Placas Ancho=1200 mm.
  • Cualidades
    • Absorbente acústicoAislante Térmico
    • HidrófugoResistente a mohos