Grupo Flexicel



Public WorksThermal and Acoustic problems in Big Surface or Infrastructure such as Sport Facilities, Auditoria, Airports, Highways can be minimized by Grupo Flexicel solutions.



  • Impact Noise

    The impact noise is produced by transmission of the vibrations caused by hitting into the framework or walls.

    Impact Noise
  • Air noise

    The noise pollution spread by air is a very serious problem which affects houses, industrial buildings, sport facilities, auditoria, recording studios and Public Work constructions.

    Air noise
  • Low Frequency

    To reduce the low frequency noise created by compressors, electrogenous group, refrigerators or enginees must be used the material with behaviour suitable for this kind of noise.

    Low Frequency


  • Transmission

    Sometimes we are looking for an opposite function to the thermal insulation: diffusion or temperature transmission.