Grupo Flexicel



Renewable energiesGrupo Flexicel contributes to preserve environment by providing solutions to the Renewable Energies sector making more effective and efficient the exploitation of alternative energy sources.



  • High Temperature

    The extreme temperatures require the technical solutions and special materials.

    High Temperature


  • Water

    The water, the most abundant element in Nature, causes the serious problems in contact with some materials: metal oxidation, wood deformation, partition wall humidity... The waterthightness solutions can be also applied to other liquids with similar density to water, taking into consideration its chemical composition.

  • Air

    The wind (air in movement) causes troubles by itself and make easier the entrance of water and particles.

  • Particles

    Dust, sand, even small animals such as insects or birds can be isolated from the interior of the system. With a simple technique of watertight closure we can attain a goal as in manufacturing phase as in the useful life of the product



  • Air noise

    The noise pollution spread by air is a very serious problem which affects houses, industrial buildings, sport facilities, auditoria, recording studios and Public Work constructions.

    Air noise